Our values:

We are your boxing bag.Do not hesitate to ask.

Relax: there is Balsamo for everything else.

Balsamo is synonymous with reliability and discretion, with us you can leave the problems and the hitches outside of the door, we are always here to solve them.

Balsamo is the professional and safe way to travel and organize every move as it considers any variable to ensure security and privacy of the Customer at every stage of the journey.

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Our superpowers are effective answers .

Balsamo supports you in every situation offering customized and prompt solutions to all your needs. The service is guaranteed by a highly coordinated working system and by a long-time experience.

We stay at our Customers' side by taking charge of every necessity.

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Precision and effectiveness: ours is a dynamic approach.

Thanks to an organized and dynamic structure, everything is carefully designed and made with the highest quality and competence in order to offer a service that will always be accurate and efficient. Our Customers are our best publicity.

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There is no place Balsamo can’t reach.

Transportation necessities are all different, Balsamo does know it well. For this reason we study and plan every detail in order to guarantee the best solution without limiting ourselves.

We love ambitious challenges and we offer the same complete and integrated service, in every situation, both throughout Europe and in the rest of the world.


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Doesn’t matter where, but who with...