For many years Balsamo has been committed to Corporate Social Responsibility projects to support the social context and the environment.
Every choice, whether great or small, has consequences and Balsamo is aware of that.

Day by day the team focuses on some small actions that, together, can leave a good mark: for example, recycling and separate waste collection, opting eco-friendly materials and digitalisation processes to become more and more paper-free.

The #BalsamoCares Forest

At Balsamo, we are aware of the impact of our business on the planet. While we are progressively moving toward 100% sustainable mobility, we decided to take action and start making an impact as soon as we could.

Thanks to our partnership with Treedom, now we can plant trees to offset the CO2 we emit during select events and business trips!

We have started by planting 300 trees in Ecuador, Colombia, Haiti, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Nepal: take a look at our forest and the results of our commitment by clicking here!

Reducing our carbon footprint isn't the only goal of this project: it is equally important to create and share value with the local communities by fostering food security, economic development, and environmental protection.

Contact us at pr@balsamo.care and start planning your mobility in a sustainable way!

Balsamo for Scena Unita

When, in late 2020, Fedez and other Italian artists created the Scena Unita fund, they had one ambitious goal: to support entertainment and music industry workers that had been heavily affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 
Not only the most famous faces of the Italian music biz, but many private enterprises also joined the solidarity initiative: Balsamo is proudly one of them.
In addition to doing our part with mobility at press events, we also shared the initiative among our newsletter subscribers and called them to action.
Up to June 2021, in just a few months, Scena Unita has raised almost 5 million euros, supporting 1602 workers, 251 individual companies and 106 projects. 
If you want to learn more and donate head to: www.scenaunita.org

Balsamo with Dolce & Gabbana for Humanitas Foundation's Research

Dolce&Gabbana has been supporting the Humanitas Foundation for many years and, in July 2020, the famous Maison organised a fashion show to raise funds in support of scientific research.
We at Balsamo strongly wanted to do our bit, so we took part as technical sponsor by organising and coordinating the people's mobility.
To Balsamo, it meant a lot to have the chance to contribute to such an important charity initiative, and on the other hand, to be at such prestigious institutions as D&G and Humanitas.

Coronavirus Outbreak and first aid

In our hometown Bergamo, the Coronavirus spread massively and quickly, with tragic consequences.
During the first weeks that followed the outbreak, protective face masks were very hard to find due to the enormous and sudden demand.
As soon as we managed to stock up on masks, we decided to give some to the Italian Red Cross and the National Alpines Association, as a sign of gratitude for their heroic contribution in the fight against the virus.

Christmas according to Balsamo: Good and Supportive

Christmas time in Balsamo means sharing presents with our clients and within our team! Year after year, we try to make ethical and meaningful choices. Our 2019 eco-friendly gift bags contained:

  • The Torrone Morlacchi, the #1 nougat in Italy, from one of Bergamo's best patisserie;
  • The #beAware greetings card, made of eco-friendly paper and decorated by the girls and boys of social cooperative Sottosopra.

That is how we combined social engagement with the enhancement of one gastronomical excellence from our territory.

Balsamo for "Amiche per l'Abruzzo"

In 2009 an earthquake struck L'Aquila, in the centre of Italy, and the aftermath was tragic. The demonstrations of solidarity were many, and among them, the "Amiche per l'Abruzzo" concert stood out for its resonance.
Laura Pausini organised the event and, together with other 43 Italian singers, she performed in a truly great show.
We at Balsamo certainly could not stand by and watch: we decided to be actively part of the organisation by coordinating and optimising all the artists' mobility among hotels, San Siro Stadium and the tv and radio studios promoting the fundraiser.

It was one of the first solidarity projects for our CEO Pietro Trapletti, and he remembers it as a truly extraordinary moment: "There were positive vibes in the air, everyone was working hard and doing his best. It was so good to be there!"

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