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Balsamo is a world leader in bespoke transport and event management solutions for business and entertainment. Discover all of our customized services.

Balsamo makes every travel unique: anywhere in the world, we design and realize bespoke transport solutions for our customers. We handle the management of ground transportation for corporations, conferences and events, executive travel and personal chauffeuring. With an inimitable footprint that spans the globe, Balsamo can arrange anything you need in business and leisure transportation, anywhere in the world - even organizing a perfect Italy bespoke travel experience - anytime you want it.

Balsamo bespoke transportation

What is meant by bespoke transportation?

Bespoke transportation is a customized service of travel organization for VIC. Balsamo, specifically, organizes bespoke corporate travel for the top management of multinational companies in case of business trips, transportation for guests at events, fashion shows, and musical tours of global scope.

Bespoke transportation for businesses

How Balsamo interprets bespoke transportation

For us, bespoke transportation means giving our Customers and Guests the best service possible at every step of their journey. A bespoke service is not just about luxury cars and elegant drivers. Balsamo's added value as bespoke travel experts is to put clients and their needs first, anywhere in the world. Our goal is to make the Guests live a real experience through a tailor-made and flexible service. Depending on a different kind of request, Balsamo provides various services. Let’s see all the features.


A personalized experience for your Guests

We take care of every move in order to combine perfect timing management with a personalized Guest experience. No matter where you are in the world, we provide the same standards of quality for bespoke transport solutions, safety and professionalism, with two goals in mind: to make our Client's jobs easier and to ensure the well-being of their Guests.

With us, you will have the possibility to book additional services for your Guests, airport greeters, porter service, VIP reception on the landing strip, security staff, hostesses, interpreting service and much more.

Quality for bespoke transport solutions



Relying on Balsamo you will have a dedicated staff and a Service Manager, available 24/7 for your bespoke transportation. He will be your only reference for the organization of the movements: he will take care to speak with the single chauffeurs, relieving you from every worry. He will avoid any unforeseen event, respecting the time and place of meeting for each Guest, foreseeing every need and any inconvenience for the Guest himself. One example among all: during Red Carpet events, our cars can accompany the Guests to the dedicated area, coordinating the drivers with the PR and the security service.

We will operate in a logic of last-minute problem-solving: for example, during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, we organized and carried out the repatriations of top managers and VVIPs, solving in real-time any unforeseen bureaucratic issues.

Service Manager for bespoke transportation



In Balsamo, we have vehicles of all types. In addition to executive sedans, luxury and minivans, you can book hybrid or electric cars, limo-boats, helicopters, buses and minibusses. We collaborate with satisfaction with many luxury brands, organizing mobility for events of international scope, always ensuring the security and confidentiality needed.

Balsamo luxury vehicles

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Why choose Balsamo?

As well as our commitment to always putting you and your Guests first, in Balsamo, we are aware of the carbon footprint of our services. That's why, in conjunction with the gradual transition to electric mobility, we have inaugurated a partnership with Treedom and we are proud to tell you about this truly innovative project.

Treedom is an Italian benefit company in a strong expansion that aims to plant trees in different countries around the world to combat climate change and deforestation. Our forest allows us to offset part of the CO2 emitted, but not only. With Treedom we concretely support local communities that take care of trees, promoting economic development, and environmental and food security, thus contributing to 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

Moreover, here is a summary of the advantages we can offer you in bespoke luxury travel solutions:

  • Dedicated Service Manager H24
  • Attention to the details of the movement, from the organization of the route and stops without ever neglecting the wishes of the Guest
  • An unlimited fleet of cars for every need, including hybrid and electric cars
  • Possibility to book security service, hostess, reception service, car arrival directly at the landing strip, interpreting service, gift box for guests, city tour and much more
  • Management of any unforeseen event in real-time
  • Update the client in real-time of the position of each guest and chauffeur thanks to our integrated software developed in-house.

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