Bespoke luxury travel

Balsamo is a world leader in managing crafted, truly bespoke luxury travel for your guests and clients, delivering, through our agents, authentic client-driver experiences.

What do we mean by bespoke luxury travel?

Balsamo creates and curates bespoke luxury travel experiences for your guests and clients, whether it means organizing a leisure trip or the mobility for an event, such as a premiere, a music tour, or a fashion show. In our philosophy every detail of the trip is arranged on the real needs of your client, relieving you of any burden.

To us, “bespoke” means to work closely with you in the first stages of the luxury travel organization, planning every step of the way and listening to your and your Guests’ real needs. We have the possibility to take your Guests anywhere in the world, arranging for them the most wonderful and luxury experiences throughout the journey. Every transport is planned to ensure total comfort, transforming it from a commodity into an experience.

Bespoke Luxury travel worldwide

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Balsamo’s services for your bespoke luxury travel experience

We have been involved in bespoke luxury travel for over 30 years and have worked with VIPs in the music, fashion, and showbiz industries arranging luxury travel all over the world. We can book accommodations and travel for the duration of the trip, making sure every detail is taken care of to meet your wishes. We offer you multiple services that will make your trip comfortable, such as an interpreter always at your disposal, advance booking of visits to museums and attractions, the opportunity to request 24/7 security service, and choosing the most suitable vehicle for every transport.

Flexibility to start and end when and where you want

Balsamo gives you the flexibility to arrange dates and timing as you prefer for your bespoke luxury travel. No waiting at the airport or struggling to find a cab: our certified drivers will pick you up at the place and time of your choice and be by your side throughout the entire trip. All drivers speak fluent English and have permits to enter restricted traffic zones and even the runway. You will enjoy our customized amenities: on-board wi-fi, product kits to make your trip comfortable, and any kind of request you have.

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Bespoke Luxury travel

Deliver client-driver authentic experiences

Balsamo can help you by providing inspiration and advice on traveling all around the world. From our favorites to emerging gems, whatever the destination and type of trip, we will design a bespoke luxury travel, exclusive for you. Our goal is to make your journey a luxury experience as defined by you. This might be a vast hotel suite with all the possible mod cons, but equally might be a simple hut on a deserted jungle beach.

A luxury bespoke travel agent at your disposal

To make sure that you have a single point of reference during the entire trip, you will have at your disposal a luxury bespoke travel agent, available 24/7. This person will be in charge of organizing every step of your journey, anticipating any unforeseen events, and respecting the meeting time and place for each destination during your trip. He/she will always be contactable via email, phone, WhatsApp, or in any other way you prefer.

High-quality standards worldwide

Everywhere in the world, Balsamo guarantees very high-quality standards. All of our drivers and the partners we work with are certified and work in accordance with international safety standards. All drivers go through internal training and constant updates so that they are always aligned everywhere in the world. We have equal safety protocols around the world so that guests always feel safe anywhere the trip takes place.

Our vehicles to get you anywhere in comfort

Balsamo can arrange travel by any kind of vehicle, including planes and limo-boats, to really get you anywhere in comfort. We have a wide fleet of sedans, limousines, vans and minivans, buses, and SUVs, so that either if you are traveling alone or with friends and family, you will have it all set up.

Luxury travel experience

What can we manage during your bespoke luxury travel experience?

If your desire is to take a quality trip or vacation, you are just in the right place. Here is what we can do for your luxury travel experience:

We listen

How would you like your journey to be? Or how would you like it not to be? The bespoke luxury travel agent takes notes of all your desires.

We advise

The bespoke luxury travel agent helps you choose locations and experiences that are best for you.

We plan

The bespoke luxury travel agent designs the ideal trip for you, from start to finish, in every detail.

We are always at your side

If there's any unforeseen on the trip, the bespoke luxury travel agent will help you solve it, even on the other side of the world.

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