Bespoke travel experts

In Balsamo we are experts in bespoke travels, delivering an exceptional service for events, business meetings, leisure travels, and more. Discover how we make your mobility simpler.

A new transfer experience, Balsamo bespoke travel accompanies you to prestigious destinations and the fulfillment of your desires. With our company, you will travel in total comfort and safety, thanks to our first-class professionals at your service. Each car undergoes strict inspections and it is sanitized in compliance with anti-covid regulations.

Bespoke Luxury travel experts for your travel

What do we mean by bespoke travel?

A bespoke travel organization service does not only mean having a luxurious car and an elegant chauffeur accompany you on your travels: for Balsamo, anywhere in the world, the added value lies in putting the client and his or her needs at the center. In fact, every service is designed with a tailor-made, personalized, flexible approach, with the aim of making its guests live a real experience. Depending on the requests, Balsamo can provide different types of services.

Bespoke travel experts

A new concept in expert-curated mobility

Balsamo provides you with a dedicated figure to organize your bespoke travel. From the initial stages, your needs will be placed at the center of our work. The Service Manager is available 24/7 to update you on the location of your guests, or to meet and resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise during the course of your bespoke travel.

Our cars are designed to ensure maximum comfort whatever type of travel you are undertaking. We have a wide range of models for any need both in terms of the route and the number of guests to be transported. We know how important it is for you to have everything under control and to offer your guests the best possible service, which is why we work on a daily basis. During your bespoke travel, you can request sedans, limos, SUVs, vans and minivans, buses, boats, and much more.

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Bespoke Luxury travel

Every detail is under your control, anytime

Since we know how important it is for you to be in control throughout the entire bespoke travel, we have developed in-house software to be able to monitor the location of guests and drivers deputed to transfers in real-time throughout the trip. Your dedicated service manager will update you and be ready to address any unforeseen events or schedule changes.

Every bespoke travel deserves an exceptional care

To make your trip truly bespoke and give you an exceptional experience, Balsamo provides you with some exclusive services.

Airport greeters

Airside or terminal airport reception, hostesses, dedicated staff, and security service.

Vehicle customization

For many events, Balsamo allows you to customize your vehicles with company or event logos or leave a branded gift in the car for the guest.

Special welcome kit on board

A small eco-friendly kit for the guest during the trip.

WI-FI on board

Every car has a built-in wi-fi system so that the guest is always up-to-date and comfortable.

Car valet

If you don't want to deprive yourself of the pleasure of driving, you can have your own car that a driver will then park for you, or take it back to where you ask.

Red carpet management

Balsamo drivers have the certification to be able to drive stars on the red carpet, and the whole team is trained to work in synergy, coordinating perfectly especially during live broadcasts.

Organizing and arranging relays

Coordinating security staff and all devices to protect guests during each move.

Anywhere in the U.S.: bespoke travel experts at your fingertips

Balsamo is a bespoke travel company based in Italy and the United States. We arrange bespoke travel worldwide, but we specialize in supporting U.S. companies and agencies in arranging mobility for their guests. We are able to arrange bespoke travel and travel for:

  • Fashion Events;
  • World tours;
  • Business meetings and business events;
  • Bleisure travels;
  • Leisure bespoke travels;
  • Single transfers.
Wordwide bespoke travel experts

Why book with us?

Travel with Balsamo means having the assurance of a trusted partner that makes you and your guests’ needs in the first place.


Safety and trust

When you travel with us, you can be assured that we have you covered. Your trip will be financially protected, and you have the flexibility to change your plans ahead of your trip if needed. Your Service Manager will always be on hand, aided by our invaluable local partners, while you're away.


Local Knowledge

Our specialists know their destinations inside out. They'll help you see the main attractions in an alternative light and introduce you to places others might miss. Practically, they understand how things run and work closely with our local partners so they can always guide you based on the most accurate advice.


Tailored to your interests

From the first conversation, you can rely on your specialist to create your trip exactly as you’re imagining it. We'll make sure you travel in a way you feel safe and comfortable, with a choice of lesser-visited routes, smaller boutique stays, and privately guided experiences.


Tailor-made cost projects

Each project, large or small, is handled in a dedicated manner. There are no rigid price lists because in every service Balsamo strives to offer the best solution to the client, while also trying to optimize costs.


Cancellation policy

Cancellation terms are stipulated according to the context and needs of the client: the strictest protocols are not always the best option when building a relationship based on trust.

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