Business travel account manager

Balsamo provides its Clients with a business travel account manager, available 24/7. It will be the only point of reference before and during the organization of the business travel.

Business Travel account manager

The primary goal of Balsamo business travel account manager is to take care of the relationship with the Client company, which translates into the management of the travel program aimed at satisfying the Client’s needs and requirements.

To satisfy this aim, competence, availability and efficiency represent the cornerstone of our agents' approach to the Client company.

The consultancy provided includes the following issues:

  • Identification of effective proposals and solutions for the Client company's needs;
  • Proposal of a Travel Policy carefully designed and agreed with the Client company, in order to meet the needs of travelers and to protect their safety (communication of technical and behavioral regulations);
  • Sharing of the travel program with the client company, implementation and monitoring it during the trip;
  • Coordination of all drivers and Guests, managing pick-up points and arrival destinations;
  • Real-time Client update.

On this page we will deepen into the crucial role of Balsamo business travel account manager.

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The role of the Business Travel Account Manager

The business travel account manager is an expert professional in charge of live updates, driver coordination and last-minute problem-solving during the duration of the business trip. The dedicated business travel account manager will be at your disposal at any time, 24/7, even on public holidays or at night.

He or she will be ready to adapt plans and make everything happen without any problem, at any time, keeping you updated every time something changes. GPS signal is always on to check that everything is under control and track any possible delay on the way for Client Guests.

Regarding updating, Clients can choose their preferred method: call, text message, email and so on. We also provide Clients with in-house developed software which tracks all drivers' and Guests' positions in real-time.

For us, putting the Client first also means finding the most suitable solution to ensure a flawless experience for Guests. Even in case of sudden changes, we always guarantee prompt solutions to make the Guest's experience extremely pleasant.

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Choose Balsamo business travel account managers for business trips in the United States

Thanks to the international experience and the preparation of the team, in Balsamo we are able to organize business travel throughout the United States, including major locations such as NYC. Our business travel account managers support the Client from the planning of the trip according to the needs of the Guests and the destination, to the management of the trip itself. Our experience working closely with corporations and international companies in the organization of business travel assures our new Client to benefit from exceptional service.

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