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Discover corporate business travel management solutions that suit any business, large or small. Balsamo is making business travel easier, and better.

Do you travel for business? Balsamo works to make your travel the best it can be. In all Companies, travel-related costs are one of five controllable expense categories. If not managed properly, corporate business travel can lead to unexpected costs and inefficient management of time and resources. An effective travel policy must act on both direct costs (airfares, hotels and car rentals) and indirect costs. By identifying your company's needs, we work in partnership to find the best solutions and increase the efficiency of your travel policy. With the flexibility of our services, we adapt to your needs whenever they change.

What is corporate business travel management?

Corporate business travel management is a new concept of so-called business travel, which includes everything related to the organization of a business trip for a company in all its aspects, from economic to organizational-logistical. Business travel is a major expense for companies, both large and small, very often for visiting clients, entering into new contracts, keeping in touch with suppliers, or keeping up with industry developments through trade fairs, exhibitions, etc.

As business travel evolves, there is a management need common to many companies: reducing time and resources for business travel arrangements. Many companies decide to rely on corporate business travel management companies, whose purpose is to optimize all activities related to business travel.

By the term travel management we mean all those activities related to the management, organization and booking of a business trip, but also everything related to billing processes. Included among these activities we can find:

  • purchasing plane or train travel tickets, booking hotels
  • transportation during the all trip
  • controlling and invoicing travel expenses
  • organization of events (MICE - meeting, incentive, congress, exhibition)
  • creation and control of travel policy
corporate business travel management

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How does Balsamo manage corporate business travel?

Balsamo is specialized in managing luxury business travels for VIPs, Corporate Managers, Embassy staff and everywhere a top-of-the-level organization is needed. We can arrange the whole deal: from transfer from and to airport, to reception at airport Air side or terminal, hostesses, dedicated staff, security service and reservation of experiences for the Guest, who will be accompanied 24/7. Let's take a closer look at conditioner services for corporate business travels.

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Balsamo’s luxury services in corporate business travel management

Balsamo provides its Corporate Clients with a range of exclusive services in managing business travels.

24/7 Support

Whether it's 3 a.m., public holidays, or you're halfway around the world, the dedicated Service Manager will be available to you at any time.

Last minute schedule change management

Those in the mobility business know that the unexpected is always just around the corner. The Service Manager efficiently handles even the unplanned.

Live Guest Onboard Updates

Live guest updates on board, so you can know where guests are at all times, making sure that certain transitions, such as from the airport to the hotel have taken place or check if there are delays along the way. Thanks to the GPS connection, it is always possible to know where the guest is. The service is carried out with the tool chosen by the customer, whether it is a pop-up notification, WhatsApp or emails.

Customization of the update service

Real-time update service is carried out with the tool chosen by the customer, whether it is a pop-up notification, WhatsApp or mails.

Problem-solving capabilities

By not only offering transportation service but dedicated assistance throughout the journey, service managers are able to solve problems and find alternative but still effective solutions without the guest having to think about anything.

Knowledge of the customer

The service manager learns about the tastes, needs, and peculiarities of each guest by working alongside them over time, regardless of the location or the driver who will perform the service.

Plus, Balsamo offers special luxury services on request:

  • Airport greeters
    Airport Air side or terminal reception, hostesses, dedicated staff and security service
  • Vehicle customization
    For many events Balsamo allows its vehicles to be customized with company or event logos or to leave a branded gift in the car for the guest
  • Special welcome kit on board
    A small eco friendly kit for the guest during the trip
  • Organization and arrangement of relays
    Coordination of security staff and all devices to protect guests during each move
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The pillars of modern corporate business travel management

Why, among hunfìdreds of other corporate business travel agencies in North America, should you choose Balsamo?



You can trust Balsamo: we have been working with multinational companies for over 20 years, accompanying them in the implementation of business trips for top management.



We do not have price lists because we build the trip on the needs of our Client and their Guests. However, any expenses and program changes will be decided after sharing with the Client. In addition, our administrative department is used to working with international companies and will provide you with invoices and documentation so that you always have everything under control.



Create a process that works and meets everyone’s needs.



Balsamo protects the relationship with its prestigious clients through privacy policies that involve information security measures, reliability, and varying degrees of discretion.

With these four pillars in place, you can really enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that everything in the course of the business trip will be in order.

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