Embassy logistics

Balsamo offers embassy logistics services worldwide, specifically in North America. We organize transfer and business travel for the embassy representatives, ensuring the best service quality and proficient staff.

Whatever your need is, Balsamo has the right solution for you. Attention to detail, especially in embassy logistics, makes us one of the best agencies in North America. We organize business travel for embassy representatives in the U.S. and around the world, collaborating with the most important partners Governments, and Diplomacy. Let's see specifically what services we can offer you:

Balsamo is a benchmark for embassy logistics in North America. Our added value lies in placing the Client and their Guests at the heart of what we do, and organizing actual bespoke travel. Each transfer is designed with a tailor-made and flexible approach, with the goal of providing a true Guest experience.

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Route planning for your embassy logistics

We know how important the security and privacy of your Guests are to embassy logistics. That is why we are available to discuss your needs in detail, through your preferred means: phone, email, video, or in person. We will discuss together the best route for each transfer, including pick-up points and possible stops, roads to avoid, and the arrival, which in these cases are often controlled areas and government buildings.

We are able to work closely with law enforcement, the military, and external security services, coordinating our drivers so that everything flows smoothly. You will also have proprietary software from which you can real-time monitor the location of your Guests throughout the move.

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Attention to detail

Organizing logistics for embassy representatives requires extensive knowledge of locations and the interstate road network. We can also arrange logistics for travel to and from North America for representatives of foreign diplomacy, or expatriation services for the U.S. embassy.

In all these cases, it is easy to run into no-go zones or find traffic if you do not carefully monitor your route and if you do not have permits to drive in areas close to traffic. Thanks to our fleet of cars of all sizes and types (including electric cars) and our certifications and special permits, at Balsamo we have the ability to always provide the most suitable vehicle for each move and to take the Guest to the point most adjacent to the place of arrival. Even, we can provide runway reception and special means such as helicopters.

dedicated service manager

Dedicated service manager

When managing embassy logistics, whether it takes place in the U.S. or abroad, you will have a dedicated Service Manager at your disposal 24 hours a day. Who is the Service Manager? He will be responsible for organizing all travel arrangements during a business trip. He or she will be reachable at all times and will coordinate drivers, Guests, and everything else that revolves around the trip from a last-minute problem-solving perspective.

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Embassy high-quality logistics services

At Balsamo, the primary goal is to make it easy for our Clients to organize Guest embassy logistics, whether this is organized in the U.S. or abroad, while at the same time maintaining high-quality standards for the Guests. How do we achieve this? By putting the safety and comfort of your Guests at the center of our business and providing drivers trained to high-quality standards in the U.S. and around the world.

Specific services for embassy representatives

Among all the embassy logistics services Balsamo can offer, there are a few extras specific to the needs of businessmen and diplomatic representatives:

  • Airport greeters
    Both air-side and terminal-side, bodyguards, hostesses, and staff in general.
  • Onboard amenity kit
    An eco-friendly gift for the guest.
  • Wifi connection on board
    Each car has an integrated wi-fi system, in order to be always updated on where the car is and travel with all comforts.
  • Car valet
    If the guest has requested to rent a car without the driver, it is possible to provide an assistant that will park the vehicle or drive it to a predefined spot.

Moreover, Balsamo simplifies the organization and conduct of embassy logistics with 24/7 service manager support and provides you with a real-time management and monitoring platform. In addition, Balsamo implements a budgeting and billing plan sewn to the customer, so you are always flexible.

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