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Among the services provided, Balsamo has established itself as an embassy logistics company, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements. We offer transport solutions for embassy staff all over North America.

Balsamo is an embassy logistics company that provides transportation services for embassy staff to and from any destination in the world. Embassy members often need to travel for work; Balsamo can provide impeccable transportation and reception organization services.

On this page we delve into key topics for embassy logistics:

Balsamo, your embassy logistics company

Diplomats and embassy staff need to travel frequently, in complete safety and comfort. Do you need a reliable partner to arrange an embassy journey? Balsamo stands as a luxury embassy logistics company in the U.S. market. With years of experience working with major U.S. and international government institutions and embassies, we can offer knowledgeable transportation services. We know the main requirements of an industry where privacy and security are paramount, so we have developed a network of partnerships with private and public security agencies.

We also own the ’ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification. To be ISO 9001:2015 certified, a company needs to ensure top performance and reliability at every level of its value chain. This recognition contributes to globally framing Balsamo as a high-quality service provider.

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Security service for your embassy personnel

With our embassy logistics company, you have the opportunity to ensure the embassy staff maximum security and privacy in every move. They will have at their disposal a dedicated 24/7/365 Service Manager who can intervene for any need in real-time.

In the first approach with Balsamo, you will get in touch with this dedicated Account, an expert in relations with other people from the diplomatic world. Time after time, the Account learns to anticipate and recognize your needs and preferences, building a solid relationship.

Balsamo offers protection in both privacy and security. We protect the relationship with our Clients through privacy policies that imply cybersecurity measures, reliability, and different grades of discretion.

At the same time, we provide diplomats with comprehensive security services during travel throughout the embassy trip: bodyguards, coordination with government security forces, cars with tinted windows, and other private vehicles to move in total privacy compliance and with the least number of vehicle changes.

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Guaranteed travel comfort

Security and privacy are not the only priorities for Balsamo. Guests who travel with us do so in total relaxation, benefiting from our exclusive services. For instance, our cars are equipped with wifi on board and have extra space to work on the move. In addition, our luxury drivers are all certified in English, with the possibility of requesting a native speaker driver depending on the guest's country of origin.

You can choose from different vehicles; electric cars, limousines, sedans, vans, and buses, depending on the number of guests and destination. Our Service Manager will be the one to recommend the most suitable type of vehicle also with respect to the route and location. Whatever wishes your guests express, our embassy logistics company will be able to fulfill them.

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Discover our embassy logistics company's extra services

Our dedication to your embassy staff goes beyond what a chauffeur’s company can offer, since we provide a full slate of transportation services, including:

  • Airport greeters
  • Vehicle customization
  • Onboard amenity kit
  • Wi-Fi connectivity onboard
  • Car valet
  • Red Carpet management
  • Security detail service

Because we will typically begin planning for your event a year in advance, we’re able to carefully prepare each aspect, making sure that no single detail gets overlooked in creating your customized transportation program.

Specialized embassy logistics company in North America

Balsamo specializes in embassy logistics for North America, always ensuring a consistent service to the quality standards, which have always made the difference between us and other companies. Thanks to the capillarity of the territory, we are able to provide timely service at high-quality standards for all our Customers and Guests.

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