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Balsamo provides effective and efficient embassy transport service to and from North America. Find out about all our services.

Designed for top state officials and representatives of the EU institutions and for those who need to get around every day, safely and carefree, the Balsamo embassy transport service is a top-level one. Our core business offers a car rental service with a private driver who will be at your complete disposal with high professionalism and expertise. With Balsamo, the Clients can take advantage of a private driver and an elegant vehicle for all the trips he or she needs to make.

We take care of every detail in arranging embassy transportation

Balsamo represents your ideal partner in luxury embassy transport with driver and security in North America and abroad. Our decades of experience in transportation and logistics have allowed us to become a market leader capable of satisfying every need of our clients. Let yourself be seduced by kindness and professionalism: with our impeccable and highly efficient service, you will always travel with maximum comfort.

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Our drivers

Our team is one of Balsamo's flagships: all our drivers work in uniform and are experienced professionals certified to strict quality standards in embassy transport. They have excellent knowledge of foreign languages and are fully available 24 hours a day to respond effectively to every need, with maximum flexibility. With the support of our Service Managers, they are constantly updated on any specific requests or changes in schedules and destinations.

Our Service Managers

Balsamo knows how important is to always have everything under control in organizing the transportation for personalities from the embassy and the political world. That's why it provides the Client and the Guest with the figure of the Service Manager, a person in charge of organizing transportation in real-time, as well as resolving any unforeseen events and updating the client of the guests' location in order to avoid delays. The Service Manager is available to you 24/7 throughout the duration of the contract, contactable at any time.

Our fleet

All our vehicles are owned and equipped with every comfort and option, to travel in total relaxation and safety. All of our cars have insurance coverage beyond the legal limits and, to protect our clients to the fullest, they also cover third-party liability. You can choose among different vehicles: luxury sedans, limousines, vans, buses, limoboat, and special vehicles such as helicopters, private jets, and planes.

Our complimentary services

We go out of our way to meet the needs of our Clients. We have several optional luxury services in embassy transport to make the experience unique for you and your Guests. With Balsamo you can book security service, helicopter or limo-boat reservations, Guest pick-up directly at the airport runway, car valet, and meeting&greeting service.

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How do we arrange embassy transport?

In every step of the customer journey, you will find a skilled team, ready to manage your mobility project with professionalism and dedication. Any ground transport, wherever you want and in total relax: this is our favorite challenge and we always succeed by relying on our professionalism, dedication and empathy, guaranteeing a flawless experience built around you.

Balsamo’s strength consists of a well-structured organization that makes our workflow smooth, easy, and successful. Our worldwide network of experts and professional partners is trained in order to provide our same top-tier quality standards everywhere in the world. You will be supported 24/7 by our Service Managers. Our added value ensures a flawless service and guarantees you real-time control over the mobility service.

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