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Our dedicated event chauffeur team at Balsamo provides perfectly tailored transport solutions for your event. Our philosophy is to put you and your Guests first. Discover more about all our services.

Balsamo Chauffeur Service

Balsamo is a chauffeured service for global mobility management. We will support you with the planning and execution of the transport for your event. Our team consists of experienced event managers, coordinators, and chauffeurs who are in charge to help with the smooth running of your event from start to finish.

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Event chauffeur: tailor-made mobility for fashion, music tours, business

For Balsamo, the event chauffeurs mean much more than just dedicated transport with drivers. Our goal is to work in synergy with you before and throughout the duration of the event, be it a fashion show or a business congress. We put at your disposal a dedicated Service Manager 24/7, that will become your only point of reference and who will manage every unexpected or schedule change of the last minute, updating you in real-time on the location of the Guests.

With an eye to sustainability, Balsamo offers an integrated event chauffeur service thanks to a proprietary software that allows us to know where every Guest is at any time, and you to be always up to date.

Car Chauffeur Service for fashion, business and music tours

Balsamo’s event chauffeur services

Your dedicated Service Manager will take care of arranging timing and last-minute changes with the chauffeurs in order to organize the mobility of every Guest at its best. Events are very complex to organize and manage, that’s why you need a specialized team that supports you at every stage.

In Balsamo our focus is you, as our Customers, and your Guests. We design every step with you, transforming a simple event chauffeur service from a commodity to a unique experience. Details that can escape even the most careful programming, in Balsamo are provided. Just one example: we carefully choose the most suitable car according to the Guest’s clothing, the type of event and its location, the time of the day it takes place and so on, to make every detail unique for those who live it.


Planning and logistics

Balsamo analyzes with you the real needs of each event, in order to optimize the costs and resources necessary for smooth running. We don’t just think about the basic requirements of an event chauffeur service, but consider it in relation to everything around us: from the expectations of the Guests to the extra services they may need, such as the organization of city tours, the interpreting service, airport pickup, valet service and so on.


Vehicles for every need and type

Even for large events, Balsamo has a full fleet of vehicles of all sizes and types to ensure maximum flexibility. From sedans to limousines, to vans and buses for multiple Guests. On request and according to the practical needs of the move, Balsamo also supplies boats, boat cars, aircrafts and much more.


Our chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are trained according to the standards of Balsamo to ensure worldwide and in every point of the United States the same quality to you and to your Guests. You do not have to worry about contacting the drivers: instead, we will do it through the figure of the dedicated Service Manager 24/7.


Cost Management

The respect of the budget is crucial, as well as the mutual trust that must exist between us and you. For this reason, any budget change during the event is analyzed and agreed upon in real-time.

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Our event chauffeur services in the US

Balsamo is able to provide you with impeccable event chauffeur services thanks to 30 years of experience in the field, and the collaboration with international customers, serving exceptional guests, from political leaders to artists and political personalities. We work in every part of the United States with drivers trained according to our standards to always give the highest level of service to you and your Guests. Transform your idea of event chauffeur with us: make it a unique experience and a way to simplify your work.

Balsamo Cahuffeur Services in US

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