Executive car service Miami

Life is a journey. That’s why Balsamo would like to offer you an executive car service in Miami with luxury vehicles and dedicated drivers to accompany you everywhere you need to go.

An executive car service is not just a comfortable experience. It is a lifestyle, an attitude, and it needs to be valued with a car service that can take your stakes even higher than you thought. Especially in such a vibrant city as Miami, where professionalism and undivided attention are the secret ingredients to success.

Redefine your way of traveling and discover the ultimate mobility experience only Balsamo can provide you: comfortable interiors, punctuality, and problem-solving skills at your disposal.

executive car service in miami

We are ready to plan your next executive car service in Miami

Are you in Miami for a corporate meeting? Or are you in town for a high-profile event?

Whether you are interested in a more sophisticated experience or you are searching for a relaxing tour around this US gem, Balsamo will take your journey to the next level, making it an unforgettable luxurious experience.

Explore Miami’s most iconic places and immerse yourself in this American city with all the comfort and privacy you can wish for. If you decide to opt for our executive car service, we will ensure you:

  • Punctuality because every minute needs to be fully enjoyed
  • Satisfaction you deserve to be our top priority
  • Privacy if you are looking for a safe space, you are in good hands
  • Customization every customer is a new chapter in Balsamo’s story with unique demands that should always be fulfilled
  • 24/7 dedicated service our drivers will listen to your needs and they will be able to grasp your undisclosed desires and make them real

Would you like to explore the vibrant streets of Miami? Choose Balsamo executive car service!

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Let our car service surprise you

Miami is hectic, wonderfully entangled, and intrinsically dazzling. It is a city infused with multiculturalism. For this reason, it is easy to fall in love with its streets and most iconic spots. This is a place where dreams come true and business is based on a constant dialogue with different interlocutors with an international background.

Balsamo wants to create a meaningful connection between you and this dynamic melting pot with an executive car service that will allow you to grasp its complexity.

This is how we plan to surprise you.


Since 1989, we have committed to developing partnerships that will make your access to museums and other facilities easier. This will allow you to enjoy every minute of your journey, in and out of your personal vehicle.


Our drivers are highly skilled professionals who will make you feel at home in the vehicle of your choice. They will cater to your demands, turning your travel into a luxury experience. Moreover, with them by your side, you will be able to go wherever you need to be with special care for your safety and privacy at all times.

First-class service

Sedans, limousines, SUVs... With Balsamo, you will have the opportunity to pick the vehicle that is most suitable for you. Thanks to the comfort of our highly technological, modern, and minimalistic cars, you will have the unique opportunity to fully focus on your journey without worrying.

Problem-solving at all times

You will also have a dedicated Account Manager that will accompany you every step of the way, following your route 24/7 and solving any problems that may arise.

Unparalleled quality standards

Our executive service mirrors our attention to detail. For this reason, we respect strict hygienic and safety standards in order to make you live the best possible experience.

corporate business travel management

Balsamo: the right executive car service at the right time

And for those who need to go the extra mile, Balsamo provides extra services, such as:

Airport Greet&Meet

Balsamo will send a transfer to pick you up at the airport and will take care of your safety all along the way with dedicated Security Managers and air staff, based on your needs.

Vehicles' customization and onboard amenity kit

More often than usual, important events require specific designs, graphics, and gifts. For this reason, our executive car service will offer you all the comforts and a high level of customization. We also provide an eco-friendly welcome kit with some necessities on the inside.

Security and entrepreneur services

Our guests are at the core of our mobility service which includes the presence of skilled and professional bodyguards to make sure that our guests are in good hands.

Car valet

Balsamo gives you the opportunity to choose your car without a driver. In this case, you can decide to have a car valet to park your vehicle or drive it to a certain location.

If you need an executive car service in Miami, contact us!

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