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In Balsamo, VIP transportation services are about giving priority to the Clients and their needs, while making the Guests live a tailor-made experience. Discover all the chauffeur’ services - and much more - Balsamo can provide to your company.

From sedans to limousines, SUVs, mini-vans and buses, Balsamo works closely with your planning team to handle the transportation of your VIPs, executives, and exhibit staff. Balsamo, however, is much more than just a VIP transport company. We offer tailor-made services with customized assistance, meeting the needs of your Guests at every step of the itinerary. We can provide a wide range of VIP transportation services, including business travels, events, leisure travels.

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Balsamo’s VIP transportation services

Our VIP luxury transportation services provide you with numerous advantages compared to other chauffeurs' companies. Balsamo is the ideal partner for those who want to offer their Guests a superior experience, having at the same time everything always under control.


24/7 support for VIP transportation services

To let you follow all your Guests moves and be always updated, Balsamo makes available to you a Dedicated Account throughout all the event duration and an innovative internal developed communication software. The Account becomes your only reference point and you no longer have to coordinate dozens of drivers. We will take care of everything, while you will be updated in real-time on every VIP location point. At the same time, our drivers and the specialized staff will accompany the Guest according to all his needs.


A personalized experience for every Guest

In addition to handling travel, with Balsamo’s executive VIP transportation service you can book tours and city tours, interpreting service, and much more for your Guests. Besides, at Balsamo we take care of every move to combine perfect timing management with a personalized experience. All the details are primary: we study the best journey for the Guest to enjoy a unique experience, planning the stopovers in pre-set areas and avoiding any inconvenience in reaching the destination, all in accordance with your requests.


We work worldwide to provide a tailor-made VIP transportation service

Balsamo organizes VIP transfers and event transportations all over the world. Our drivers have the same training and meet the same requirements in every part of the globe, so that a Guest traveling with us is always welcomed in the best possible way.

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Balsamo’s VIP fleet

Balsamo offers you a wide range of vehicles to meet every need. For any requested VIP transportation services, we will assess your situation to choose options that we think suit you the best. There is nothing that we can’t do in terms of getting things in place for your event. Here are a few examples of what you’ll have access to through our VIP service.

Mezzi Mercedes di lusso

Executive and luxury sedans and limousines

Our executive and luxury cars are synonymous with elegance, style, and safety on board for every VIP. We can reach every kind of destination thanks to our permission and certifications for private streets, Red Carpets, and more.

Minivan di lusso


Available for a maximum of seven Guests, vans are perfect to carry extra luggage.

Balsamo bus e van di lusso

Bus and minibus

Bus and minibus are suggested to optimize times and ensure that all Guests travel comfortably in both small and large groups.


SUV is the ideal solution to travel in few people and reach even impervious locations.


With limo-boats your VIP Guests can reach their destination even from the sea. The boats are equipped with every comfort to guarantee a pleasant journey.

Other vehicles

Depending on your needs, Balsamo can provide you with planes, private jets, boats, sport-cars and more.

Servizio NCC Vip

Extra services for VIP transportation

Our dedication to your event goes beyond what a chauffeurs’ company can offer, since we provide a full slate of transportation services, including:

  • Airport greeters;
  • Vehicle’s customization;
  • Onboard amenity kit;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity onboard;
  • Car valet;
  • Red Carpet management;
  • Security detail service.

Because we will typically begin planning for your event a year in advance, we’re able to carefully prepare each aspect, making sure that no single detail gets overlooked in creating your customized transportation program.

Specialized in VIP transportation for the US

Balsamo specializes in super VIP transportation in every part of the United States, always ensuring a consistent service to the quality standards, which have always made the difference between us and other companies. Thanks to the capillarity on the territory, we are able to provide timely service at high-quality standards for all our Customers and Guests.

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