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Balsamo is a full-service luxury ground transportation company providing Executive VIP Transportation Services in the US. Our professionals are trained to perform the very best customer service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Balsamo is an exclusive VIP transportation company which operates in the US. We provide the finest vehicles on the market, along with the highest qualified professionals, making Balsamo the best choice for all your needs. For the best VIP transportation service and best value on the market, reaching perfection is our obsession.

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Full-services for your Exclusive VIP Transportation

Balsamo organizes exclusive VIP transportation from, to and across the United States. Our chauffeurs have the same training and meet the same requirements in every part of the world, so that a Guest traveling with us is always welcomed in the best possible way.

Our core services

We always put the Customer and their Guests first. This vision gave us the opportunity to develop exclusive services for VIP Transportation. One of these services is to support every Customer with a dedicated figure: when you decide to arrange travel with us during an event or business trip, you will be assigned a resource who is available to you 24/7. The Service Manager is responsible for organizing the timing and planning with you the correct route for each move, meeting the Guest's needs, and coordinating the drivers.

You will be updated in real time about every Guests request, their position, any possible program change. We have an in-house software specifically developed for tracking every journey. In this way the Service Manager can prevent any inconvenience.

As our core exclusive VIP transportation services we also provide certified multilingual drivers, high safety standards, a wide car fleet for small or large groups, security service, and a personalized experience for every Guest.

corporate business travel management

Extra services

With Balsamo you can book extra services to give your Guests the best travel experience. Among our luxury VIP transportation amenities, you can count:

  • Extra security service or bodyguard
  • Hostess reception
  • Car valet
  • Red carpet management
  • Wardrobe service
  • Entrepreneur service
  • Tour guide
  • Airport greeters (both air-side and terminal-side)
corporate business travel management

Give Your VIPs The Exclusive Transportation Service They Deserve

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VIP Transportation to events and business travel

Balsamo has the privilege to perform transfers for executives, small and large groups, from anywhere in the US. We can claim to be the best VIP transportation company in the United States: let’s see some of our exclusive services.



In terms of land transportation, there is nothing better than being a passenger in a beautiful Limousine or a luxury sedan. Comfortable seats and best cocktails are just some of the amenities your Guests can appreciate before reaching the destinations.



These days, anywhere in the world, you need to be safe with services provided by trusted employees of companies well known on the market. With Balsamo, you do not have to spend hours in search of the best US exclusive VIP transport. Just choose us car transport services, almost 20 years of tradition.



Balsamo protects the relationship with its prestigious Clients through privacy policies that imply cybersecurity measures, reliability, and different grades of discretion.



Each mobility project is different from another, and so do the Guests. To better satisfy every need, Balsamo provides a great variety of vehicles:

  • Executive and Luxury Sedan (I.e. Mercedes E/S-Class, Cadillac CT6, lincoln continental, BMW 5 series, Lexus ES.)
  • Van
  • Bus
  • Minibus
  • SUV
  • Limo-boat
  • Other vehicles (depending on the customers' needs, Balsamo can provide planes, private jets, boats, sport-cars and more)


Customer Experience

Balsamo believes in a tailor-made approach as the best way to manage mobility projects. When talking about prices and figures, Balsamo tends to provide a bespoke cost project, more precise and optimized than a standard, fixed price list. Likewise, we have tailor-made cancellation policies. Too rigid protocols are not always the best option when building trust.

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