Executive VIP transportation

Balsamo is not just a chauffeured company. It is a whole world of services for executive VIP transportation, with a focus on your and your Guests' needs.

Whenever there is a need for individualized attention and deep customization, Balsamo is there with its executive VIP transportation services. Not only a chauffeur company, Balsamo also provides multiple services for luxury travel organizations of events, business travels, leisure travels, and more. We put you and your Guests first, providing various services depending on the different kinds of requests.

Why does Balsamo differ from other executive VIP transportation companies?

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Balsamo’s services for executive VIP transportation

Balsamo makes every travel unique. In every part of the world, we design and realize tailor-made solutions for our customers. We are experts in executive VIP transportation on the occasion of events, business travels and bleisure.

What makes us different from other companies is our attention to detail in the organization of transport for events, fashion shows, concerts, and so on. Let’s see in particular what our strengths are and what we can offer you.

Service Manager available 24/7

Choosing Balsamo, you can rely on a dedicated Service Manager available for you 24/7. This professional figure is in charge of live updates, drivers coordination and last-minute problem-solving. Plus, we have developed an internal communication software which keeps you updated in real-time.

Planning the executive VIP transportation in every detail

In our executive VIP transportation service, the Service Manager is responsible, together with a team of professionals, for planning timings and routes for every Guests, in order to meet all your needs. For instance, if a VIP needs to take a break on the way, we prepare dedicated parking areas to give him maximum comfort.

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Supportive services for executive VIP transportation

For executive VIP transportation Balsamo offers you a range of services in addition to the dedicated account. In particular, we provide you with:

Tailor-made cost-projects
Balsamo has a tailor-made approach to manage all your costs. When talking about prices and figures, Balsamo tends to provide a bespoke cost project, optimized on your real needs.

Cancellation policy
Even cancellation policies are customized on the context and the needs. We don’t believe in rigid protocols when we are building a partnership based on trust.

Privacy Policy
Balsamo protects the relationship with you through privacy policies that imply cybersecurity measures, reliability, and different grades of discretion.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification

Luxury consignment at home
Home consignment is the best option for luxury brands to stay in touch with their best clients, but cannot be delivered with any transportation method. That is why we offer our top-tier service.

Covid-19 Guidelines / Travel safely
Balsamo implemented a safety protocol to prevent Covid-19 infection and preserve the safety of Customers and Guests at every moment. Executive VIP transportation: all you have to know about.

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