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Organizing your Guests' mobility can be really challenging, whether on a leisure trip or a larger event, such as a fashion show or a premiere.

Having everything under control is a great responsibility. That is why Balsamo, as a VIP travel company, takes care of the logistics of your Guests, coordinating drivers, hostesses and other professionals specifically required for the event. We operate worldwide.

Travel services for VIP

What does a VIP transport company provide?

VIP transport companies may seem like businesses defined by luxury cars, celebrities, and customized transport services. But there is much more to VIP transportation than luxury fleet and drivers. This service involves a comprehensive structure and carefully designed plans that often require adherence to certain protocols or detailed plans.

There is a wide range of services a VIP transport company can provide. These can include private vehicles to major events, dedicated multilingual chauffeurs, special airport transfers, and protocol fleet and services. VIP transport logistics require careful planning to accommodate the intricate needs of the principal while limiting exposure and delivering expected service standards.

VIP Airport pickup services

VIP Airport/Location pickup or airside access

Pickups and meet&greet are tailored by our VIP transport company according to your and your Guests needs. We will ensure that all necessary requirements are met whether it is an airport pickup or any other location. For instance, VIP transfers require integration with airport authorities, and in certain cases, local police or diplomatic services for secure escort services.

VIP transportation services in US

VIP transport to US and international events

Balsamo is a VIP travel company that operates in all the United States. Thanks to our certifications, we can take your guests anywhere and organize any kind of displacement, no matter if it is a world music event, a premiere or a business meeting.

Luxury vehicles for transportation services

Luxury vehicles

Balsamo VIP transport company has a luxury fleet for VIP Customers. Our vehicles are top of the line and are maintained properly, sanitized after each transfer in compliance with anti-Sars-Cov-2 regulation. The type of fleet requirement is only dictated by the clients and typically includes the use of recurring chauffeur who has detailed knowledge of the clients requirements. We provide you with a choice of different cars and shuttles: from the buses for several Guests, to sedans and berlins.

Professional drivers for your transportation service

Professionally-trained drivers

VIP transport companies employ only well-trained drivers that are professional and polite. Drivers are the ones who are on the frontline in taking care of the Guests, and have a detailed understanding of security, safety, and privacy. When necessary, VIP chauffeurs will have specific protocol training depending on the most important needs. Plus, Balsamo can provide drivers who speak the Guest’s language.

Position-monitoring software for your transport

Position-monitoring software

Our VIP transport company has developed an in-house software at your disposal anytime during the event. Through this software you can check in real-time the position of Guests and Chauffeurs, while your dedicated Service Manager can act in a real time problem solving perspective.

Professional drivers for your transportation service

Accommodations for the best experience

All Guests can require refreshments and entertainment, hostess service, entrepreneur and an endless list of luxury services. Balsamo, the best VIP travel company in the US, will take care of everything, ensuring the best experience for your executive Guests. When needed, VIP transport companies can provide accommodations as per the guest’s requirements that would, in some cases, include driver housing for rapid task deployment.

Balsamo is your VIP transport company in the US

Balsamo: your VIP transport company in the US

In every step of the customer journey, you will find a skilled team, ready to manage your mobility project with professionalism and dedication. Our VIP transport company works in all the territory of the United States: any ground transport, wherever you want and in total relaxation. We always succeed by relying on our professionalism, dedication and empathy, guaranteeing a flawless experience built around you.

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