It’s 1989 and a new adventure full of adrenaline is about to start.

Milan was the keeper of the first car rental and witnessed Balsamo’s first steps.
That small company from the province of Bergamo was ready to hit the big city. With a bunch of cars and the first clients, Balsamo moved its first steps in the music industry.

After his dad’s early passing, Pietro took the lead of the company, a 17 years old visionary young boy supported by the trust that his Clients had in him.
The 90’s were the perfect set for an unstoppable roaring little company, able to look beyond and to leave its mark on some of the most iconic Italian events such as Festivalbar and Telegatti.

These years are marked by a huge desire for change and experimentation.

Balsamo welcomed a new approach, by developing a new method, which was meant to make the company standing out forever: since then, its way to manage chauffeured services would have never been the same.

Balsamo’s main goal became to design and provide a more complete service by improving the quality, listening to the Clients, offering more assistance and answering to any need.
This new mindset lead Balsamo to break into new horizons and follow its Clients wherever they wanted to.

Because It doesn’t matter where, but who with…

Big music events marked these years and started a new phase.

2005 is a year of great concerts. From the first Italian tours to the memorable Madonna’s "The Confessions Tour". Impossible to forget. Big music events marked these years and started a new phase: the internationalization of the company.

Balsamo's coming back to hometown.

The first digitalization process was about to start, with the aim of improving every service and creating a workflow that is fast, flawless and smooth.
Balsamo moved its headquarter to its hometown, in the province of Bergamo: going back to the roots is a way to see things from a different perspective.

Balsamo has an infallible business card to show with pride: the top tier quality of its services.

This allowed the company to get stronger day by day not only in Italy but also in the whole European scenario. The economic crisis of 2008 was not over yet, but Balsamo was able to succeed anyway and constantly hit the target by working around Europe with famous clients such as the rock band U2 and the fashion brand Calzedonia. More clients, a larger and more professional team, a more stable positioning in the niche market: we are witnessing an unstoppable growth.

Balsamo’s bond with the fashion, entertainment and music industries is getting stronger and stronger.

During the EXPO MILANO 2015, we had the privilege to be exclusive partners for pavilions and international Guests, while taking also part to several events, like the MTV EMAs 2015. When supporting some of the greatest music artists' world tours, we also had the chance to become even more expert in Business Travels, thanks to the collaboration with great companies in some international destinations such as Istanbul, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, South Asia, USA, South America and more.

Those experiences signed the path to the definitive international expansion. In Balsamo, we promote technological innovations by adopting brand new management softwares ensuring an even better service management and CRM processes.

That year was a concentrate of adrenaline, consolidation, excitement.

Balsamo jumped on the runway by managing mobility projects for all the fashion weeks in Milan, London, Paris and NY.
Since then, they have become fixed appointments, and so has our global presence.

That visionary spirit of the early 90s never ceased, and even 30 years later, it guides the reach of milestones.
Founding MTM Italia and Bintew, Balsamo Group expanded.
MTM Italia is the operative centre in our home Country.
Instead, Bintew is the technological unit focused on meeting the digitalization needs and general processes improvement.

To be closer to the diplomatic world and the peculiarities of our Capital’s market, we opened a new office in Rome in 2019.
But we did not stop at our borders: we started planning the opening of new offices abroad, especially in New York City and Paris.


For the first time in Balsamo’s history, all the events got deleted: it is a red code scenario. Despite the emergency status, the company is reactive and able to apply new strategies in just a few days.

Thanks to a new and strict protocol ensuring the highest onboard safety, Balsamo guarantees its services to every Client.
Thanks to the digital strategies in use, the team provides support and quality services even by remote, directly from home.

We are ready to face these challenging times after a health crisis, doing our best to help the industries, our partners, our clients and our families.

Together with our Clients, we lead the restart

After the lockdown the desire to socialize, to organize events, to be in company and to have fun comes back... and it is stronger than ever.
The slow recovery of 2021 turns into a huge boom of events in 2022; a unique phenomenon that affects all sectors.
The perseverance and the professionalism kept during the most difficult period allowed Balsamo Team to maintain strong relationships with Partners and Customers all over the world and to respond to the many requests from the market, often even above pre-covid averages.

But Balsamo doesn't stop at just being ready for the restart: it strengthens its presence also in the world of private events where, during 2022, it takes care of the mobility for exclusive weddings and celebrations in the most particular and evocative locations in Italy and Europe.