What we do

A Chauffeured Service is not just about luxury cars and elegant drivers.
Balsamo's added value is to put clients and their needs first, anywhere in the world.

The goal is to make the guests live a real experience through a tailor-made and flexible service.
Depending on the different kind of request, Balsamo provides various services.

Our main services

VIP Transportation Services

Our VIP transportation services provide you with numerous advantages compared to other chauffeurs' companies. Balsamo is the ideal partner for those who want to offer their Guests a superior experience, having everything under control.

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Business Travel Management

Business travel management consists of planning corporate travels. Balsamo works to simplify all the procedures involving the company, and offers a luxury travel experience.

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Business Travel Management Services

Balsamo offers business travel management services in order to work closely with the company and take charge of all the organization and mobility management, including accessory services.

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Business Travel And Events

Balsamo organizes business travel and events worldwide. Our focus is to engage the participants to each and every event to feel comfortable. We want to deeply understand our Clients’ unique needs and goals to provide the most suitable tailor-made experience.

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Corporate Logistic Services

When you decide to rely on Balsamo to organize the logistics for an event, you have at your disposal an expert in corporate logistic services, who will be your contact person for every request. Our Service Manager is in charge of managing everything that revolves around the transfers: from timing, drivers, and guest location to resolving unforeseen events.

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Event Chauffeur

For Balsamo, event chauffeur means much more than just dedicated transport with drivers. Our goal is to work in synergy with you before and throughout the duration of the event, be it a fashion show or a business congress.

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Bespoke transportation

Bespoke transportation is a customized service of travel organization for VIC. Balsamo, specifically, organizes transportation for the top management of multinational companies in case of business trips, transportation for guests at events, fashion shows, and musical tours of global scope.

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Business Travel

Business Travel

Travelling for work can be stressful, that is why Balsamo organizes transfers during which the guest only has to sit back and enjoy.

Airport transfers
Live updates, to avoid time waste, being ready both in case of late or early arrivals. Terminal side greeters are at guests' disposal as soon as they land.

Door-to-door service
Our guests' wellbeing is what matters the most to Balsamo. We take care of them throughout the business trip: from home to the airport terminal, from arrivals to the hotel, travelling abroad, and then returning home. Our staff is always next to the guest, ensuring a flawless experience anywhere in the world.


Business Travel

The organization and management of an event can surely be very complex and challenging.
A professional support team is the key to success, a team able to provide different vehicles and deal with any task.

Event's logistic planning
Balsamo analyses the context to optimize costs and resources, ensuring the perfect conduct of an event.

Countless vehicles of any kind
Even during huge events, Balsamo can provide large fleets, ensuring full coverage.

On-site staff management
Service Manager is the one in charge of coordinating every transfer during an event and, in more structured occasions will be present on-site.

Complying with the budget is essential: for this reason, any unforeseen variation gets immediately accounted for.

Leisure Travel

Business Travel

It is not just about business: travelling for leisure is beautiful, especially when made simple and flawless.

A vehicle for any travel
It is possible to organize mobility with any vehicle, including boats and jets, to easily get anywhere you wish to.

Balsamo Driver

The role of the Service Manager

When choosing Balsamo, our client can rely on a dedicated Service Manager.
This expert professional is in charge of live updates, drivers coordination and last-minute problem-solving.

24/7 Support

Even if it is 3 am, public holidays or the guest is on the other side of the world, the dedicated Service Manager will be at your disposal at any time.

Last-minute problem-solving

As anyone involved in managing mobility knows, sometimes plans can suddenly change. The Service Manager is ready to adapt and make everything happen without hitches, at any time.

Live update of the onboard guests' position

GPS signal is always on to check that everything is under control and track any possible delay on the way.

Preferred method of updating

Clients can choose their preferred method of updating, from texts to WhatsApp messages to emails etc.
To Balsamo, putting the client first also means to customize the experience in terms of communications preferences.

Problem-solving approach

Even in case of sudden changes, Service Managers find the most suitable solution to ensure a flawless experience: guests don't need to worry.

Service Managers know their clients

Service Managers know the clients and guests' preferences.
Time after time, our Service Managers get to understand and recognize the peculiarities of each client and guest, does not matter where, or which driver is involved.

Van Bus

Vehicles variety

Each mobility project is different from another, and so do the guests. To better satisfy every need, Balsamo provides a great variety of vehicles.

Executive and Luxury Sedan

  • max. 3
  • max. 3

Elegance, style and safety onboard for every guest with a representative car.
I.e. Mercedes E/S-Class, Cadillac CT6, lincoln continental, BMW 5series, Lexus ES.


  • max. 7
  • max. 6

Ideal especially when there is need to carry extra luggage.
I.e. Mercedes V-class

Bus 30/50

  • max. 54
  • max. 1/each

To optimize travel and ensure that all guests travel comfortably together.

Minibus 16/20

  • max. 20
  • max. 10

To travel comfortably even in a small group.


  • max. 6
  • max. 8

Travel with few people in total comfort.


  • max. 12
  • max. 1/each

Possibility to reach the destination even from the sea thanks to limo-boats, boats equipped with every comfort, modern and elegant design.

Other vehicles

Depending on the customers' needs, Balsamo can provide planes, private jets, boats, sport-cars and more...

Balsamo Network Drivers

Drivers' Network

Anywhere in the world, Balsamo drivers are trained to comply with quality and safety standards and protocols. That is why all of the guests, wherever in the world, can enjoy the same top-tier standards of experience.

Internal training

Every driver goes through internal training to get aligned to our methods.

Compliance with Balsamo standards

Guests can recognize, anywhere in the world, Balsamo's distinctive attention to details.

Quality and safety checklist

Drivers compliance with Balsamo protocols is verified through an online checklist that they have to fill in right before every service. These documents can be shared with clients as a certificate

WiFi on Board
vehicle customization
Car Valet

Extra Services

Balsamo mobility management offer has a complementary set of extra services making the overall experience even more comfortable and complete.

Airport greeters

Both air-side and terminal-side, bodyguards, hostesses and staff in general.

Vehicles' customization

More than often on the occasion of events, vehicles get customized with branded graphics and gifts.

Onboard amenity kit

An eco-friendly gift for the guest.

Wifi connection on board

Every car has an integrated wi-fi system, in order to be always updated on where the car is and travel with all comforts.

Car valet

If the guest has requested to rent a car without the driver, it is possible to provide an assistant that will park the vehicle or drive it to a predefined spot.

Red carpet management

Balsamo staff also includes certified red carpet managers: when you are on live-tv there is no room for mistakes and professional support is crucial.

Security detail service

Security staff coordination and cooperation with law enforcement to ensure maximum safety for guests.

Supporting Services

Balsamo ensures the best quality and support not just during the trip but in all phases, since the first contact and throughout the organization.

Dedicated account

In the first approach with Balsamo, our client gets in touch with the dedicated Account, an expert in relations with other people from different industries such as events, business, fashion, diplomatic world, music etc.

Time after time, the Account learns to anticipate and recognize the clients' needs and preferences, building a solid relationship that we like to call formal friendship.

Tailor-made cost-projects

Each mobility project is very different from another: that is why a tailor-made approach is the best way to manage it. When talking about prices and figures, Balsamo tends to provide a bespoke cost project, more precise and optimized than a standard, fixed price list.

Cancellation policy

Likewise, cancellation policies are tailor-made on the context and the client's needs: rigid protocols are not always the best option when building a partnership based on trust.

Privacy Policies

Balsamo protects the relationship with its prestigious clients through privacy policies that imply cybersecurity measures, reliability, and different grades of discretion.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification

To be ISO 9001:2015 certified, a company needs to ensure top performances and reliability at every level of its value chain. This recognition contributes to globally frame Balsamo as a high-quality service provider.

Flexible and smart accounting

Balsamo administration team is skilled in domestic and foreign tax systems. Clients receive clear invoices, divided into cost centres to simplify accounting for the client's purchasing department, especially for large and complex commissions.

Luxury consignment at home

Home consignment is an excellent channel for luxury brands to stay in touch with their best clients, in recent times more than ever.

Designer clothes, Haute Couture outfits, precious jewellery and luxury food cannot be consigned with just any delivery service, that is why our top-tier service is the best option.
Balsamo is glad to be at its client's side in new, helpful ways.

Covid-19 Guidelines / Travel safely

During the health emergency, we have implemented a safety protocol to prevent Covid-19 infection. In this historical context, that is surely delicate for mobility, we are committed to protecting the health of our Guests and to strengthen the trust of our clients who consider our services the safest way to travel.

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