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A Chauffeured Service is not just about luxury cars and elegant drivers.
Balsamo's added value is to put clients and their needs first, anywhere in the world.

The goal is to make the guests live a real experience through a tailor-made and flexible service.
Depending on the different kind of request, Balsamo provides various services.

New York

Collezione cruise a New York

It is always great taking part in New York Fashion Week, its schedule is always packed with many glamorous events such as the fashion's biggest night out, the Met Gala. In 2018 Balsamo's team moved to the Big Apple with a mission: to better coordinate the services for the Cruise Collection show of one of the most iconic Italian high fashion brands.
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Valentino – Paris Fashion week

Paris Fashion Week, for several years now, has become one of Balsamo's regular events. Three fashion shows for three different Maisons: the 2019 edition was particularly challenging. 
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Bulgari – Serpenti Seduttori

During the London Fashion Week, Bulgari launched the latest edition of the iconic watches line called Serpenti Seduttori. The event lasted two days, and 100 vehicles were involved for the mobility of Bulgari's representatives coming from the different international branches of the Maison.
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MUSE – tour europei

Since 2019, MUSE rely on Balsamo for the organization and the management of their European tours.
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sculpture for event CK swatch 2019

CK Watches – Seoul

Sixty top Guests coming from all over Asia were attending CK Watches' event in Seoul. ​​​​​​​The team had to provide airport greeters and 20 vehicles in the city.
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Balsamo Transport services in Dubai at Hugo Boss' show

Hugo Boss - See now, buy now show 2022

During February 2022, Balsamo got the honor to take care of the mobility for a spectacular event, organized by Hugo Boss in the middle of the desert, under the stars of Dubai.
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"No matter where the show was, we have been by their side for all the dates" Munich, Cologne, Gothenburg; these were the first stages of 2018 Foo Fighters' "Concrete and Gold" world tour.
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Vehicle Whirlpool 2015

WHIRPOOL – Varsavia, Polonia, 2015

Whirlpool Europe's top management had planned a 10-days institutional mission between Warsaw, Frankfurt and Assisi. ​​​​​​​Given the importance of the occasion, the company wanted mobility planning and execution to be on point.
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Sao Paulo
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Around the World with Lavazza

From South to North America, and all across Europe. Throughout the years, Balsamo has had the privilege to manage Lavazza’s mobility on the occasion of important business trips.
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Diver Safe repatriations in 2020

Safe repatriations in 2020

In 2020, right after the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies focused on repatriating their employees in the safest way. Read more about Balsamo's involvement.
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2015 - a breakout year for Milan and Balsamo

2015 was a year to remember, both for the city of Milan and for Balsamo as well. Find out more about two projects that hold a special place in Balsamo's heart.
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G20 - Roma Ambasciata

G20 - 2021

The G20 is an intergovernmental forum which works to address major issues related to the global economy. In 2021 this extraordinary event took place in Italy where Balsamo took care of the Mobility Experience for all the participants.
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