Hugo Boss - See now, buy now show 2022

During February 2022, Balsamo got the honor to take care of the mobility for a spectacular event, organized by Hugo Boss in the middle of the desert, under the stars of Dubai.

Since several years, Balsamo has been active in the organization and the management of events belonging to the world of fashion and we are always honored to take care of the mobility of the events of the big fashion houses.
During February 2022, Balsamo had the pleasure of collaborating with Hugo Boss and taking care of transports for a spectacular event organized in the middle of the desert, under the stars of Dubai.
With a breathtaking location in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the event began with a presentation film and a "see now, buy now" fashion show.
Guests came from all over the world. Balsamo organized transfers for all participants, leaving them the only "task" of enjoying the experience at the fullest.
The provision of two Service Managers was really important for the success of the event. These two figures were in charge of coordinating the drivers and remained available 24/7, managing the movement of talents and the press between the various appointments and shootings.