Safe repatriations

In 2020, right after the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies focused on repatriating their employees in the safest way. Read more about Balsamo's involvement.

In early 2020, the Coronavirus outbreak shifted many companies’ priority to repatriating their employees, while ensuring them the highest safety standards during the whole process.
Among the clients that Balsamo supported in this unprecedented scenario, ENI stands out for the number of activated services in four different continents.
Balsamo's specialists promptly redacted a strict safety protocol that includes strict procedures that every driver needs to follow, starting from personal protective equipment to the sanitation of the vehicles and the optimization of the operations to avoid risks of infection.
Anywhere in the world, the drivers must comply with the measures and fill in a checklist that can be shared with the clients.
This project ended up being a success for Balsamo: despite the unprecedented circumstances and the very high stakes, everything went for the good, with satisfaction and relief from the clients.